Gmail for Android – Now Supports Exchange Accounts


Gmail is an easy to use application for Google account holders. It has been available on your smartphone for ages now. Gmail application allows you to support your messages with extra 15GB memory that is of course going to keep your messages and emails safe. You can indeed read new messages with just a click on notification button, easily reply to important mails online or offline and find messages and emails as quick as possible.

For years now, Google has supported third party email providers like Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail and many more. The Exchange account support feature has been missing from the application ever since of its inception. However, this feature was always available for Nexus users due to its support for Microsoft enterprise since 2014.

What exactly is Exchange Account Support?

We all were waiting for the “D” day when we could attach one account with the other and read all our emails at one place. Certainly, it has been difficult for companies to provide this facility. But we can say that Google has achieved something impossible that for sure cannot be neglected..

Gmail app has got this new feature that enables you to switch between two or more emails at the same time, through one mail id. Gmail app supports various IDs like gmail, yahoo, outlook, IMAP, POP accounts.

The update is not so appealing for iOS devices, as Google still restricts iOS users to gmail account. Android users can clearly see the changes and new updates on Google play store app page.

Final Words

Ever since we have been using Gmail account and application on our smartphones, it has been a great experience. Now with this new exchange feature, we can without a doubt answer our emails of different mail accounts in the same app at the same time.

Ever since Google Gmail application has come into being, it has gained its popularity in a rocket speed. This new update is going to entice more and more users for them. Let’s hope to have a great journey ahead with Gmail application on Android.