Apps That Will Free You From The Atrocious Cable Costs

Want to save yourself from the atrocious cable cost this festive season, try out digital applications for watching movies and tv shows for free on your smartphones and other devices.

The digital market is full of free movie streaming applications for your gadgets, you can get entertained 24/7 and not feel grief about your pocket allowance. You need not to worry about your pocket or internet allowance, free applications also allow you to download content and enjoy them as and when you like. There might be apps which only let you stream but with low resolution, that means usage of internet packs.

Let’s discuss 7 apps that can save you from heavy loss on your pocket:-

  • NetFlix

NetFlix is a great granddaddy of all the movie streaming services. Legally the application has launched as a DVD and CD distributer, soon with digitalized market it moved on to free movie streaming website and now finally a successful paid movie streaming application.

NetFlix has unlimited entertainment content starting from old classic series to new latest released movies as well as, the company has invested in original web series which i helping it to gain a lot of popularity as compared to other applications.

  • Terrarium Tv

Terrarium Tv is a novice app released in 2016 for movie lovers. It practically allows you to watch almost all the recent movies and episodes for free. While going through the application, it won’t be difficult to point out its user friendly UI and captivating organized list of content.

The application has quick menu that enables you to change pages at lightning fast speed and at last the reliable video links can actually take your heart away. There are mostly google links which provide you great resolution in almost no time.

  • HotStar

HotStar is an application launched by Star group that owns Star plus, star utsav, star world and many more tv channels. HotStar is India based app therefore, Hindi and English are the main language focused for every level of population.

With HotStar you can stream videos, download them for free and get the best resolution on your smartphone and other devices. HotStar recently released its premium version where you can skip advertisements and get live streaming etc.

  • ViewSter

ViewSter is yet another free movie streaming service for smartphones. It is one of the best free services which will provide you latest content in no time and extra ordinary links to download. Again the application has wonderful user interface and endless content to rely on.

If you’re planning to watch latest movies like Dr.Strange or The accountant, then you have landed on the right app for now.

  • Snag Films

Snag Films is known for its short film and education based biographies and documentaries. You’ll find more of intellectual movies, episodes and short films. The company focuses on teaching through practical movies rather than just providing aimless films.

Yet on Snag Films you can find all kind of genres as well as an opportunity to learn more than just downloading process from a movie streaming applications.

  • Hulu

Hulu is just another movie application like NetFlix and Terrarium. The application allows you to stream movies, tv shows and random small clips from your favorite movies. The movie streaming application does not contain a long list of content but a high quality video to watch on your smartphones.

You can watch movie trailers, small clips and old classic series for free. Hulu plus is the premium version of Hulu where of course you can subscribe for the app and  get an interruption free experience easily.

  • VidMate

VidMate is is a clone of other movie applications, there is good content to watch, eliable video links, streaming services, npo premium version and hell lot of advertisements. VidMate has the best streaming speed until now but the worst user interface you can ever use. And that i why the application is kept last in the list.

This list will keep on changing as there is a change in the performance of any application in the list. Till then stay tuned and get latest updates on gadgets and digital applications. Thank you!

Note: Showbox is also a better option for streaming movies and tv shows for the android users. Showbox also enables you to download movies and TV shows.